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4″ Compression Seal for DBox

When a friction fit is important, you can count on the Polylok 4″ Compression Seal. It is used to ensure a watertight connection when installing 4″ SCH. 40 or SDR. 35 pipe into black ribbed pipe or IPEX pipe.
  • Easy to install – no tools required
  • Accepts 4″ SCH. 40 and SDR. 35 pipe
  • Provides watertight connection
  • Weather and corrosion resistant
  • Requires no sealants
  • No bolts or gaskets required

Installation Instructions:

  • Use a 5″ hole saw
  • Generously chamfer the 4″ SCH. 40 or SDR. 35 pipe
  • Lube the pipe and seal with dish-washing liquid or a silicone based lubricant
  • Insert the pipe using a rocking motion