Orenco AXUV-125/31 UV Disinfection Unit


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Orenco AXUV-125/31 UV Disinfection Unit

Orenco® UV Disinfection Units are designed for residential applications after advanced secondary treatment (10 mg/L or less for CBOD5 and TSS) when disinfection is required before dispersal. They require installation inside a pump basin, gravity discharge basin, or a separate tank following an advanced secondary treatment system. The power ballast, current sensor, and controls are housed externally, to protect electronic components from environmental damage.

  • UL-recognized for US and Canada
  • 125 μW/cm2 lamp output
  • Maximum contact time between lamp and effluent
  • Reduction of bacteria by 5 logs (99.999%)
  • Quick-disconnect fitting for easy inspection and unit cleaning
  • Teflon sleeve to protect lamp and minimize buildup and service intervals
  • Power ballast and lamp current sensor housed in control panel (not in wet well) to minimize failure due to environmental exposure
  • Integrated components and controls — no piecemeal assemblies and wiring
  • 25- or 50-ft (7.6- or 15.2-m) power cord length

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3-4 week lead time

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Weight 100 oz
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 10 in

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