D-Box Riser Bundle 24″ x 12″ (DPK2412)


D-Box Riser Bundle 24″ x 12″


D-Box Riser Kit 24″ x 12″ (DPK2412) comes with D-Plate (30″ x 36″), 20″ Tuf-tite Adpater Ring, 24″ x 12″ Tuf-Tite Riser, 20″ Tuf-tite Lid, 3 x Tube of I/I sealant, 6 x Concrete Fastening Screws and Drill Bit, 6 x Self Tap Screws, and 12 x Tuf-tite Screws.

Gain Access to your D-Box and never wonder if there is something compromising or damaging  your septic system’s drainfield.  With Septic-Direct’s D-Box Riser Bundle you can perform routine maintenance on your D-Box.  Make sure there are no roots choking out drainfield lines.  Monitor effluents levels in your D-Box to make sure that you are not having any backups happening.  Catch problems before they start and save yourself the headache and financial burden of replacing your drainfield.

The D-Box Riser Bundle also creates access for preventive & rejuvenation additives (i.e. Arcan).  These additive can help if you have a drainfield that is starting to get soggy and not accept household wastewater.  With the D-Box Riser Bundle, monthly additions of additives like Arcan can help your drainfield’s performance.

The D-Box Riser Bundle comes with Septic-Direct’s 30″ x 36″ Fiberglass D-Plate Adapter that allows you to connect the riser system to a new or existing concrete D-Box.

Made from durable composite fiberglass, the D-Plate is designed to withstand deflection caused by heavy soil loads.  The strength of the 1/4″ fiberglass D-Plate allows for the marriage of the larger diameter poly riser over top of the smaller opening of the square concrete d-box.

The D-Box Bundle  can also be used over a septic tank opening.  The D-Plate’s large 36″ x 30″ footprint provides coverage and security over any large septic tank opening that you are trying to gain access to with poly risers.

To install, apply the included sealant around the rim of the exposed concrete D-Box.  Fasten the D-Plate to the D-Box with the concrete fastening screws.  Fasten the adapter ring over the opening of the D-Plate with a 5/16″ x 1″ self-tap screws and sealant.  Adapter Ring Models are listed below.  Use Riser and Lid to extend to grade.  Additional Risers must be purchased for D-Boxes that are deeper than 6″.  A Minimum 1″ of riser exposure from grade is required

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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 36 × 30 × 16 in

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