Geoflow 1.5 in Screen/Vortex Filter Plastic Body, MIPT, Up to 45 GP AP4E-1.5F


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Inlet Outlet Connection 1.5 Inch Male Threaded
Item Weight (lb) 3.46
Material Plastic
Peak Flow Rate 45 GPM


The Vortex filters are placed between the pump and drip field to screen out any debris. Spin plates at the top of each screen direct the flow of debris to the base of the screen for easy self cleaning.


– Simple self cleaning filter. Geoflow’s Vortex filter depends on a simple forward flush to self clean. Incoming water is forced through a directional nozzle plate onto the inside of the stainless steel screen. A centrifugal motion starts inside the screen chamber, throwing particles outward against the screen. Gravity moves the debris down the screen wall to the flush outlet at the base of the Vortex Filter.

– It is simple to install and operate, requiring very few moving parts.

– Can be plumbed to self clean periodically with electronically activated solenoid valves (recommended), or continuously with slightly opened ball valves.

– Sturdy stainless steel screen proven effective in onsite wastewater applications. A sintering process in which three pieces of stainless steel mesh are transformed into one; a perforated plate, 30m then 150 mesh.

– Body is a two-piece threaded housing with O-ring seal. Molded from high heat ABS and chemical resistant glass reinforced plastic.