GeoFlow 1″ Manual Headworks Vortex Filter, WHWS-V-1F-M



GeoFlow 1 in Manual Headworks Vortex Filter, WHWS-V-1F-M

Screen/Vortex Filter Headworks
Pre-assembled Headworks – SPORTY – Vortex Filters

Complete Sporty – Vortex Headworks
Guts & box – 1” Vortex Filter, Up to 20gpm, Manual flush

The Wasteflow Headwork is a pre-assembled unit including filters, valves, fittings and pressure gauges mounted inside
a box for direct burial, or inside a pump tank risier. It is installed between the pump and the field to filter out fine particles from entering the treatment field, and to flush fine particles that may collect in the dripfield. Recommended for maximum flow rate of 30gallons per minute and 600 gallons per day.



Box Drawing


Additional information

Weight 320 oz
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 16 in

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