Norweco Bio-Gem Organic Digester 4-1 Gallon Bottles BG-Case


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Bio-GemĀ® grease eliminating microbes naturally digest grease, fats and oils to reduce system maintenance

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is a patented bio-enzymatic product which naturally converts grease,
fats and oils into harmless carbon dioxide and water. A mirror image of
nature, Bio-Gem contains a concentrated blend of select bacteria,
enzymes and micro-nutrients. When dosed into wastewater this medley of
living organisms and active chemicals rapidly digest and eliminate
organic pollutants. Bio-Gem is available in one gallon bottles, five
gallon pails and 55 gallon drums for use in wastewater treatment
systems, drain lines, lift stations and sand filters.

Includes 4, 1 Gallon Containers

Bio-Enzymatic Organic Digester Liquid

A blend of beneficial
bacteria, enzymes and natural growth accelerators, Bio-Gem Grease
Eliminating Microbes treat grease, fats and oils in wastewater treatment
systems, lift stations, septic tanks, sand filters, drain lines and
commercial grease traps. Bio-Gem digester works effectively in aerobic
or anaerobic conditions to convert common grease, fats and oils into
carbon dioxide and water. This organic digestion process is much more
effective and reliable than merely emulsifying the grease, fats and
oils, which simply sends the problem to downstream treatment processes.

use of Bio-Gem digester will stabilize effluent quality, reduce system
maintenance and minimize tank pump-out frequency. Bio-Gem digester is
available in one or five gallon containers or 55 gallon drums. Bio-Gem
organic digester is environmentally safe, reduces treatment system
pumping frequency and lowers maintenance costs.

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