Orenco Signal-Rated Mechanical Float



Signal-Rated, Mechanical (Non-Mercury) Float Switches

Orenco® Signal-Rated (Non-Mercury) Float Switches are used with pump control panels and alarms in areas where components containing mercury are prohibited. They’re intended for low-amperage signals and aren’t capable of carrying the current necessary to start or operate a pump. They have a “drawdown” value — the difference in liquid level between the switch’s activation and deactivation points.

“P” Model

  • Normally open default state (contact is open when float switch is hanging)
  • Approved for intrinsically safe relays (very low amperage)
  • Suitable for Orenco MVP and VCOM panels
  • 2-inch (51-mm) drawdown
  • Super Vu-Tron cords: flexible 2-conductor (UL, CSA) SJOOW