About Us


If we are not sold on it… we will not sell it to you!

Mission Statement:

Septic-Direct.com was created out of the demand for a simple and easy way to search-for and buy products for septic system installs and/or repairs.

Too many times contractors are left in the field… drainfield…. with no direct supplier of septic system parts or pieces. Septic-Direct gives you, the contractor an immediate “at-your-fingertips” solution to finding the part you need when you need it.

Ease of use on your computer or mobile device and search our septic parts inventory. Featuring some of the most popular products in the industry like filters, pumps, PVC, drip tubing and more. Next day delivery is available to some locations.

Here at Septic-Direct we are a service driven company. We are not only in the septic supply chain business, but we are also in the “Yes Sir, No Sir, Right Away Sir” business. We are here to serve our customers with the most comprehensive product line as well as competent and courteous assistance with any of our products.