200 Gallon (24″ dia. x 10′) Vertical Pump Tank (Model 200PT-2410)


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Vertical Pump Tanks by VSI are rugged, tough and watertight.  Tanks range in diameter from 24″ – 60″ and in height from 4′ – 20′.  Every tank is vacuum tested for leak detection.  Concrete anti-floatation ballasts keep tanks in the ground when encountered with high groundwater situations.  Risers can be added as needed to accommodate grade level access.  Comes with 4″ Entry Hub and 2″ Entry Hub Installed at Customer’s designation.  Please note on order the Bottom Elevation of the 4″ and 2″ entry hub from ground level (i.e. from the ground to bottom of pipe).

VSI 200 Gallon Pump Tank (Model 200PT-2410) Specs.

Product Dimensions Model Total Gallons Area (in^2) Gallons/in. External Hight (in.) Internal Hight (in.) Ballast Dia.  (in) Concrete Thickness (in) Weight (lbs)
200 Gallon Pump Tank 24″ dia. x 133″ tall (approx 10′) 200PT-2410 221 455.18 1.97 118.8 112 36 6 530

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Weight 8000 oz
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 118 in

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