Sim Tech STF-100A2 High Pressure Filter Stainless Steel


Sim Tech STF-100A2 High Pressure Filter Stainless Steel


The Sim/Tech pressure filter is extremely effective in providing protection for all pressurized distribution  systems.  If you need to protect a pressurized system from suspended solids, the pressure filter can perform the job.  Most pressurized wastewater distribution systems such as mound systems are very effective in treating effluent. In pressurized systems the effluent or gray water is pumped from the holding or pump chamber of the septic system out to the drain field by a low pressure effluent pump. The drain field is where the problems show up. The lateral piping in the drain field has many small holes to drain the effluent. These holes can be as small as 1/8″, as you might imagine it doesn’t take a lot of contaminants to plug the drain holes. With each hole that becomes plugged the efficiency of the pressure distribution system falls, until the system eventually fails.  Many of these systems only partially fail over a long period of time, causing contamination of ground water long before the system shows any visible signs of distress.  Placing an effluent filter just before entering the forced main of the pressurized septic system is an extremely effective solution. The pressure filter is mounted onto the discharge port of any effluent pump, thereby, filtering out contaminants before they enter the distribution system or drain field.  The SIM/TECH STF-100A2 effluent filter has been designed to assure that the small holes in the distribution piping remain unclogged. The filter system is unique to the industry, engineered to provide maximum protection for your sanitary pressure system.

Hair, dirt, seeds, fruit & vegetable skins and more that was filtered out by the pressure filter

  • Protects pressurized systems from costly repairs

  • Lowers total suspended solids (TSS)

  • Keeps distribution holes free of debris & extends drain field life

  • Protects without high head-loss, only .21 psi (about half a foot)

  • Easy to service, a five minute job from start to finish

  • Easy to install

  • Low maintenance due to vortex scrubbing action and open area

  • Last line of defense, protecting no matter where solids are introduced

  • Can be used in a manifold configuration to handle almost any flow-rate

Pressure Filter.pdf                            STF-100A2.pdf                                             Installation & Service Instructions.pdf

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in