“Up-And-Comer” 1.5 in. Self-Leveling Sewer Camera




“Up-And-Comer” Advanced Mid Range 3388ET (200′) &  3488T (400′)Sewer Camera with Footage Counter

To get to the next level, the “Up-And-Comer” is a sophisticated inspection system to ensure accuracy in sewer/pipeline diagnostics. Equipped with a self leveling system and 512Hz Sonde transmitter built into the detachable spring kit. Each unit comes with a redisigned skid, allowing the C40 camera head to traverse through different environments and pipe sizes. The control station offers dual recording and voice over playback, as well as a multifunctional keyboard for typing and editing, all protected by the heavy duty, compact waterproof case.


Additional information

Weight 1120 oz
Dimensions 36 × 31 × 32 in

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