Geoflow 1.5 in. Disk Filter 30gpm max APBIODISK 150


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BioDiscTM filters are placed between the pump and drip field to trap debris from entering the drip line. The filtering medium, consisting of a stack of discs piled onto a sturdy nylon support, filters suspended matter from the flowing water stream. Geoflows discs are specially treated with Geoshield® for wastewater applications. Ideal for single family homes.


Geoflow’s disc filters are built to stay cleaner longer. A particularly large surface area coupled with Geoshield®, an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of bacteria on the discs, these filters are robust and designed to perform with biologically active water. A single filter is often used in single family home applications. Sold separately or pre-assembled in an easy snap disc headworks.


The BioDisc-150FM filter body and discs shall be molded of polyethylene resins. The disc shall include Geoshield® anti-bacterial compound to protect the filter element against slime build-up. Filtration shall be 150 mesh/100 micron. The two piece body shall be capable of being serviced by untwisting and shall include an O-ring seal. The seals shall be manufactured from Nitrilo rubber. The inlet and outlet shall be 1.5 inch MPT. The UF disc filter shall be part number BioDisc-150FM as supplied by Geoflow, Inc.