GeoFlow 40 psi regulator. 20-90 gpm 3 in ID Socket PMR50-MF




The regulators are preset to regulate pressure in the field. These are recommended with Wasteflow Classic and optional with Wasteflow PC. Under normal operating conditions the pressure in the dripline should be:

10 – 45 psi for Wasteflow Classic and Wasteflow PC

Pressure Regulator Specification

Geoflows pressure regulator shall be designed to handle steady inlet pressures of 150 psi and withstand severe water hammer extremes. It shall handle flow rates between 2 gpm and 20 gpm. Flow restriction shall be negligible until the factory preset pressure is reached. Regulatory accuracy shall be within +/- 6%. Inlet and outlet size shall be 3⁄4” FIPT. The body shall be constructed of high impact engineering grade thermoplastics. Regulation shall be accomplished by a fixed stainless steel compression spring enclosed in a chamber separate from the normal water passage. Each regulator shall be water tested for accuracy. Pressure regulator shall be Geoflow model number PMR- 50 – MF