Hiblow HP-40 Linear Compressor (CFM 2.0)


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The small size and low power consumption produce very little heat, allowing the HP40 septic air pumps to have long service periods; up to 8 years. The Hiblow HP-40 will work for some 500 gpd aerobic septic systems.

The Hiblow HP-40 can be used in some 500 GPD aerobic septic systems. Koi ponds and ponds that are up to 16,000 gallons with a maximum depth between 6 and 8 feet can be aerated with this product.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Power Consumption, Vibration, Pulsation and
    Starting Current
  • Oil-less
  • Contamination Free Design
  • Long Life
  • Automatic Pressure Limitation
  • U.L. Outdoor Rating Available on most HP Series
  • Easy to Service
  • Custom OEM Models
  • Fast Reliable Shipments/Delivery
  • Thermal Protection
  • Over Pressurization Protection
  • C.E. Compliant and U.L. Listed Model