Bio Jet-7 Dry Pack-2 oz. (Box of 12 packets)


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BIO-JET-7® Plus Dry Packs (1 Yr Supply. Box of 12 Dry Packs)

BIO-JET-7® Dry Packs (1 Yr Supply. Box of 12 Dry Packs) give the same
great performance as BIO JET-7® in an easy to use dry pack application,
simply flush the quick dissolving packet. These convenient dry packs are
created with the homeowner in mind. It provides proactive preventative
maintenance for both aerobic treatment and convention septic systems.
BIO JET-7® Dry Packs are packaged in a yearly supply of 1 packets in a
convenient, recyclable plastic container

Bio Jet 7 Dry Packs are a biological aid designed to digest tissues, proteins, fats,
oils and grease in residential applications:

• Septic tanks
• Residential wastewater systems
• Holding tanks

Bio Jet 7 products are manufactured in the United States.

Dry Packs:
• Are non-hazardous and non-toxic
• Prevent odors and system failures
• Help wastewater systems perform at optimum treatment levels
• Minimize system and drain field failures
• Quickly dissolve in water releasing microbes that digest organic matter
• Are designed for homeowners to easily flush down the toilet
• Are safe for all plumbing
• Can be used as part of a preventative maintenance program

Note: Per the Manufacturer the BIO JET-7® Plus Dry Packs was re-marketed to be just BIO JET-7® Dry Packs