SJE Rhombus Model 112 Single



This latest generation Model 112 control panel controls one 120, 208, or 240 VAC single phase pump in water and sewage installations. This panel includes a new innovative simplex controller for pump control and alarm; including float status LEDs, control/alarm power on/off switch with LED indicator, pump run LED, HOA switch, auxiliary contacts and more!

The Model 112 control panel features built in pump failure and float out of sequence detection. In addition, there are three user selectable field programmable options: alarm steady state or flashing; alarm auto reset or manual reset; and optional seal failure alarm beacon plus horn activation.

Note: SJE Rhombus recommends separate pump and control/alarm power sources.


Simplex controller features include:

  • Touch safe circuit board housing and low voltage 24 VDC float circuits
  • Alarm (field programmable to flash)
  • Alarm automatic reset (field programmable to manual alarm reset)
  • Float out-of-sequence detection
  • Pump contactor failure detection
  • Controller protected by three auto resettable fuses (control, alarm, and pump 1)


  1. Enclosure measures 10 x 8 x 4 inches (25 x 20 x 10 cm) NEMA 4X (ultraviolet stabilized thermoplastic) for indoor or outdoor use
  2. Integral padlockable latch for added safety
  3. Integral mounting feet for indoor or outdoor use
  4. Simplex controller provides pump and alarm control; elevated in the enclosure for easy access and field wiring
    1. HOA switch for manual control of the pump
    2. Pump run green LED indicator
    3. Control power ON/OFF switch
    4. Power ON green LED indicator
    5. Float push-to-test buttons
    6. Float status red LED indicators
    7. Auxiliary alarm contacts Form C
    8. Option: adjustable seal failure circuit and red LED indicator (must select option 5E when ordering)
  5. Magnetic motor contactor
  6. Ground lug
  7. Circuit breaker
  8. Red LED beacon provides 360° visual check of alarm condition – Note: NEMA 1 style utilizes a door mounted indicator in lieu of a beacon
  9. Alarm horn provide audible warning of alarm condition (83 to 85 decibel rating) – Note: NEMA 1 style utilizes an internally mounted buzzer in lieu of horn (Not shown)
  10. Exterior alarm test/normal/silence switch allows horn to be silenced in an alarm condition; alarm automatically resets once alarm condition has been cleared (Not shown)

Notes: Options, voltage, and amp range selected may change enclosure size and component layout.

Other options available.

Schematic/Wiring Diagram and Pump Specification Label are located inside the panel.