Norweco Bio-Perc Remeidiation Tabets 10lb Pail 10BP



Norweco Bio-Perc Remeidiation 32 Tabets 10lb Pail 10BP

Bio-Perc® Remediation Tablets eliminate organic buildup in treatment and disposal systems

tablets can revitalize failing wastewater treatment and disposal
systems by dosing billions of micro-organisms into the effluent stream.
Dissolving in response to flow velocity, Bio-Perc tablets contain
strains of safe bacteria which aggressively consume organic buildup and
firmly establish colonies for long-term treatment. Available in 10 and
25 lb. containers, Bio-Perc can restore the performance of wastewater
treatment systems at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Biological Remediation Tablets

tablets provide an efficient and cost-effective way to remediate
failing tile fields and disposal systems. Scientifically blended to
contain more than 220 billion beneficial microorganisms per pound,
Bio-Perc tablets safely break down organic material into carbon dioxide
and water. Tile fields, sand filters, mounds and other soil-based
processes that have been organically or hydraulically overloaded can be
renovated with Bio-Perc tablets. The tablets break down items that are
slower to degrade, such as grease, fats, oils and paper products and
accelerate the natural recycling process. With continuous application in
any approved gravity flow tablet feeder, the accumulated organic
material is digested and the system returns to normal operation.
Bio-Perc tablets are packaged in easy to open, resealable 10 lb. and 25
lb. Department of Transportation approved containers.

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