Norweco Bio-Perc Pods Case (144 x 2 oz. Pods)



Norweco Bio-Perc Pods Case (144 x 2 oz. Pods) 12 canisters (24 lbs)

Bio-Perc biological remediation tablets or dissolvable pods rejuvenate failing wastewater treatment systems by reducing or eliminating organic buildup in distribution lines and disposal processes.

Formulated for use in all residential and small commercial treatment systems, Bio-Perc enhances the operational life of leach fields, surface sand filters, subsurface sand filters, sand trenches, cesspools, mounds, low pressure distribution systems, evapotranspiration beds, constructed wetlands, septic tank effluent pump (STEP) systems and any other type of system prone to failure from the buildup of organic solids. When incorporated into a regular maintenance program, Bio-Perc restores failing wastewater treatment systems to proper operation and prevents the failure of new systems. Sand filters and soil-based disposal systems often receive more organic material than they can oxidize. Excessive organic loading reduces system capacity and ultimately leads to the total failure of the treatment system.

Chemical shock treatments or mechanical remedies, such as blasting the tile field with high pressure air or water, are expensive and the benefits last only a short time. Norweco’s Bio-Perc products provide continuous, long-term treatment and are safe, easy and economical to use.

Bio-Perc tablets or pods add billions of beneficial microorganisms to accelerate the biological digestion that naturally occurs in wastewater disposal systems. Dissolving in direct proportion to the incoming flow rate, Bio-Perc tablets can be dosed by any gravity-flow feeder or added directly into a distribution box, pump station or dosing chamber. Bio-Perc pods can be flushed in household toilets or added into a distribution box or dosing chamber. Bio-Perc biological remediation tablets are packaged in 10 lb. pails and the dissolvable pods are packaged in convenient 24 oz. canisters for easy storage

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Weight 384 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

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