American Manufacturing Float N.O. Model PO15 (Blue)



American Manufacturing Mercury Float Pilot Narrow Angle (N.A.) Normally Open (N.O.) POLY 10A 15′ cord (Color Blue) Model: PO15

There are several types of float switches and different applications for these switches. Some switches may be used for several applications, while others are only for a specific duty. Float switches may be used for pilot duty, to operate control devices such as relays and contactors, thereby never seeing a significant electrical load, or direct duty when carrying a full motor load. Float switches are manufactured to handle light to heavy electrical current in a normally open or normally closed application. Some are narrow angle while others are wide-angle. The higher amp wide-angle float switches are called motor rated, differential, or sometimes piggyback switches when they are manufactured with a special plug on the end.

The narrowangle pilot duty switch has been made from an encapsulated mercury switch enclosed in a plastic float. The non
corrosive float may be either solid or hollow, and it keeps the switch inside positioned to make contact when the float either
floats up (normally open) or hangs down (normally closed). This type of float will typically have an amperage rating of 1 to 2
amps. The typical load on this type of switch will be less than half of that, which allows the float to last longer. If the switch
services a custom control panel with considerable builtin logic, a heavier switch (frequently around 7 amps) may be used.
These switches should be protected in the control circuit with a properly rated fuse or breaker in all cases


Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 in

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