Geoflow Pressure Compensating .53 GPH/Emitter (WFPC 16-2-12) 12″ (BLUE MARK)


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WFPC16-2-12 WASTEFLOW PC 12″/.53gph or 21 ph

½ gph flow, 12 ” spacing, 16 mm diameter 500 ft

The drip line shall consist of nominal sized one-half inch linear low density polyethylene tubing, with turbulent flow drip emitters bonded to the inside wall. The drip emitter flow passage shall be 0.032” x 0.045” square. The tubing shall have an outside diameter (O.D.) of approximately .64-inches and an inside diameter (I.D.) of approximately .55-inches. The tubing shall consist of three layers; the inside layer shall be a Geoshield® protection, the middle layer shall be black and the outside layer shall be purple striped for easy identification. The drip line shall have emitters regularly spaced 24” (or 18” or 12”) apart. The pressure compensating emitters shall be molded from virgin polyethylene resin with a silicone rubber diaphragm. The pressure compensating emitters shall have nominal discharge rates of 0.53 gallons per hour. The emitters shall be impregnated with Treflan® to inhibit root intrusion for a minimum period of fifteen years and shall be guaranteed by the manufacturer to inhibit root intrusion for this period. 0.53 gph WASTEFLOW PC pressure compensating dripline shall be Geoflow model number WFPC16-2-24 (or WFPC16- 2-18 or WFPC16-2-12) .