Hiblow HP60 Linear Compressor (CFM 3.1)


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Hiblow HP60 Linear Compressor (CFM 3.1)

The Hiblow HP-60 air pump is whisper quiet, energy efficient and the longest lasting linear diaphragm pump on the market. The HP-60 provides aeration for septic aerobic treatment units (ATU’s), ponds, aquaculture systems, hydroponics systems and aquaponics systems. The HIBLOW HP-60 is a compatible replacement for the Gast SPP-60, Thomas 5060A, Medo LA-60, Secoh EL-60 and other 40 LPM air pump units.

  • Quiet Operation
  • Low Power Consumption, Vibration, Pulsation and Starting Current
  • Oil-less
  • Contamination Free Design
  • Long Life
  • Automatic Pressure Limitation
  • U.L. Outdoor Rating Available on most HP Series
  • Easy to Service
  • Custom OEM Models
  • Fast Reliable Shipments/Delivery
  • Thermal Protection
  • Over Pressurization Protection
  • C.E. Compliant and U.L. Listed Models

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