Norweco Blue Crystal® Residential Disinfecting Tablets 10lb. Pail


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Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets are the first microbiocide specifically developed for use in residential wastewater treatment applications. Using a proprietary grade of calcium hypochlorite as the active ingredient, Blue Crystal tablets are manufactured to provide a consistent chlorine dose. To insure the effective treatment of residential wastewater flows, Blue Crystal tablets automatically adjust their dissolve rate in direct proportion to the rate of incoming flow. Residential treatment plant owners and operators can finally meet regulatory disinfection requirements with a product that is inexpensive, safe and easy to use. Formulated to maintain positive disinfection during low, sustained, variable and intermittent flow rates that are common to residential systems, Blue Crystal disinfection tablets provide a very quick, effective and long-lasting bacteria kill. Safe to use in all domestic wastewater treatment systems, Blue Crystal tablets are approved and listed with the United States Environmental Protection Agency for the treatment of wastewater. Designed to provide rapid disinfection, the potent formulation of Blue Crystal reduces 99% of bacteria within the first ten minutes of contact. Blue Crystal tablets help maintain wastewater pH levels above 6.8 and dissipate quickly after complete disinfection, leaving no hazardous by-products in the effluent. Acid based products, such as common swimming pool tablets, disinfect slowly and produce a non-degradable chlorine residual while lowering effluent pH. Even occasional use of these acid based products in wastewater treatment can result in the discharge of inadequately treated wastewater and create potentially harmful or hazardous gases. Blue Crystal tablets set a new performance standard for disinfection by offering the highest level of effectiveness, convenience and safety for homeowners, regulatory officials and the environment.

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Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets are a strong oxidizing agent and highly
corrosive. Use or contact with oils, acids, petroleum products, reducing agents or other compounds, such as swimming pool tablets, is extremely dangerous –fire or explosion could result. Improper use of this product may cause personal injury or property damage. Tablets may be fatal if swallowed and tablet dust is irritating to the eyes, nose and throat. Keep out of the reach of children and do not allow tablets or feed tubes to contact skin, eyes or clothing. Do not handle the tablets or feed tubes without first contacting your local distributor and obtaining specific instructions for usage, handling and storage. Store only in sealed original container and in a well-ventilated area. Read the product container label carefully prior to use. It is unsafe and a violation of Federal law to use Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

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