UV Turtle Polishing Unit w/ FREE SHIPPING



The UV Turtle Polishing Unit is an All-In-One Post Filtration/UV Disinfection/Re-Aeration Unit for onsite wastewater treatment. It consists of a 75-gallon HDPE tank with a concrete ballast, UV Treatment unit, fine bubble diffuser with a 0.7 cfm compressor, 2 control panels (1 x for UV, 1 x for reaeration). The UV Turtle is to be used after any Secondary or Advanced Secondary treatment. The UV Turtle delivers a more consistent, higher quality effluent.  Reaeration also aids in the denitrification of the wastewater before entering the receiving environment.

Control Panel for the UV bulb is remote mount with ballast, sensor card and 40’ cord. This keeps electrical components away from moisture inside the tank, giving the UV Turtle reliability in real-world field conditions. The control panel also alarms when the UV bulb is getting ready to go out, not simply when it does go out. This allows time for a service operator to replace the failing bulb before complete failure, preventing undisinfected effluent contamination. The UV Turtle is great for discharging situations, subsurface dispersal of effluent within close proximity to groundwater (i.e. TL-3 situations) or any environmental-y sensitive receiving area. The UV Turtle is a passive gravity system that is rated for 600 GPD

Larger units are available.  Please Call (434) 842-1851 for Pricing, CAD files or any other assistants.

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