Norweco Bio-Dynamic LF 3000 Chlorine Tablet Feeder



Norweco Bio-Dynamic LF 3000 Chlorine Tablet Feeder 4″ In/Out

Flow Rates of 500-20,000 GPD

Norweco engineered our Bio-Dynamic tablet feeders to provide
effective flow proportional chlorination and dechlorination for water
and wastewater treatment. Compact, easily installed and virtually
indestructible, Bio-Dynamic tablet feeders contain no mechanical or
failure-prone electrical components. Incorporating Norweco’s exclusive
multi-tiered flow deck to automatically regulate chemical delivery,
Bio-Dynamic tablet feeders make traditional liquid chemical feeders and
ultraviolet technology obsolete. Recommended by governmental, charitable
and academic organizations world-wide, Bio-Dynamic tablet feeders
reinforce Norweco’s reputation for providing today’s solutions for
tomorrow’s environment.

Compact Bio-Dynamic LF Series tablet feeders provide a chemical dose that is
ideal for potable water and wastewater systems subject to high organic
loading. Manufactured from ABS for durability and easy installation,
integral inlet and outlet hubs accept four or eight inch piping. LF
Series feeders are typically used for residential or small commercial
onsite applications, stormwater treatment or remote potable water
systems. Four different models are available to accommodate flows from
500 GPD through 400,000 GPD.

LF 1000 LF 2000 LF 3000 LF 4000

LF Series feeders range in length from 16 to 22 inches, and 7 to 12 inches
in width. The 24 inch tall, one piece feed tubes are designed to fit
inside standard 4″ PVC piping, allowing all LF Series feeders to be
surface installed or direct buried. For deeper installations, our
optional remote feed tube removal system allows convenient feeder
maintenance from grade.


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Weight 256 oz
Dimensions 27 × 11 × 27 in

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